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Jen Sorensen's Editorial Cartoons

Published 2008-01-01 (Image 92351)

Slowpoke. Season of Unreason. As usual, the Presidential primaries have devolved into a grossly simplistic personality contest. Obamas smile is playing well in Kalamazoo! Yes, bit Hillarys eyebrows have mesmerized Ypsilanti! Nattering Noggins Nightly. How could we make the race even more trivial and idiotic? Monosyllabic debates. The Dems. Remember - Only ONE! Hope! Change! Fight! The Repubs. Bomb! Fear! Grunt! Aura divination. With us tonight is Contessa Montebaldi, who will probe the candidates energy fields. Right now Im seeing a murky haze around Mitt Romney. For John McCain ... I see flan. An enormous flan. Rorschach voting machines. Please choose the blob you would most like to have a beer with.

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