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Jen Sorensen's Editorial Cartoons

Published 2008-05-26 (Image 91238)

Slowpoke. Welcome to That Drooly Show! With me tonight is Herb Swineshaft, inventor of the popular new novelty item, the Hillary Nutcracker.* It crushes walnuts between her stainless steel legs! Krk! Hee hee hee! *For real. So, I assume youre also selling a John McCain Nipple Clamp, since womens rights would be pinched hard by his Supreme Court nominees? Screw tightens jaw. Censored. Uh, no. Hadnt thought of that. Or if youre really into  selling bigoted election merch, what about an Obama "Gangsta" sawed-off shotgun? The Oblamma! I think some people might find that offensive. As opposed to Hillary cracking metaphorical gonads with her thighs? Right. Well, thanks for joining us, Herb. Before we go, tell us- what can we expect from you next? A hilarious line of suffragette urinal cakes! Thank you, Mr. Swineshaft!

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