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Jen Sorensen's Editorial Cartoons

Published 2008-01-01 (Image 86608)

Slowpoke. True: The Doomsday Seed Vault - A fallout shelter for the worlds crop varieties - Officially opens this week on the Norwegian outpost of Svalbard. You have to admit, its not a bad idea the way things are going. Also in the works  The fake fruit vault - for decorating dining room tables as the human race re-establishes suburbs. We have over 1200 varieties of wooden pairs! IF YOU ARE READING THIS, ALL CIVILIZATION HAD ENDED. Here are instructions on how to use the fruit: 1. 2. The Doomsday Movie Vault. Beneath The Planet of the Apes. Charlton Heston The Omega Man. On the Beach. Theyll need some entertainment they can relate to. Film nerd. The Right-Wing Meme Vault - To protect talking points in case all recorded media is destroyed by the nuclear war that they start. We also have Reagans DNA in a lead closet! Islamo-fascists. Cadillac-driving welfare queen. Ticking time bomb + torture. Frivolous lawsuits. Persecuted white males. Activist judges. Magic of the market. Ted Kennedy drunk jokes. Nanny state. America hater. Liberal media. War on Xmas.

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