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Published 2018-05-06 (Image 170818)

I saw that article you wrote, where you siad it aint make no sense that Syria president used chemical weapons. You wrote Don yall fools notice the same exact thing happened last year when the U.S. was talkin bout pullin out? You wrote All of a sudden Assad gas his own people, an then we decide to stay an keep whoopin Assad *$%. You wrote "Fast-forward a year. Trump talk bout leavin again, an again Assad gas his own people, an again Trump change his mind an decide to stay an keep whoopin Assad @#$. You wrote Yeah right, aint this some @#$#$%. Yknow, when you put someone elses points in your own words, youre supposed to start by saying Im paraphrasin here. You wrote Yall crazy to believe homeboy would do the same exact @#$% that backfired on im the last time.

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