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The Orthopedics Comics And Cartoons

collected from fifty of the best cartoonists.

These are available for you to license for books, magazines, newsletters, presentations and websites.
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Cartoonist(s): Jim Borgman
Jerry Scott
Comic/Cartoon: Zits
Viewable Date: 2014-07-31 Pub. Date: 2014-07-31
Image Number: 114216
Caption: FUMP! Epic couch plop, dad. One of these days you'll have creaky knees, too.
Cartoonist(s): Mike Twohy
Comic/Cartoon: That's Life
Viewable Date: 2014-07-28 Pub. Date: 2003-08-15
Image Number: 5078
Caption: Ergonomically yours, Tom.
Cartoonist(s): Dave Coverly
Comic/Cartoon: Speed Bump
Viewable Date: 2014-02-12 Pub. Date: 2014-02-12
Image Number: 107198
Caption: Yeah, I have a funny bone - why wouldn’t I?
Cartoonist(s): Hilary Price
Comic/Cartoon: Rhymes with Orange
Viewable Date: 2014-02-06 Pub. Date: 2014-02-06
Image Number: 106844
Caption: THE MEDICAL CONFERENCE. At the end of the workday, I like to lie back and put my feet up, you know? No. Orthopedist Mike Strikes Out With Gynecologist Jill.
Cartoonist(s): Berkeley Breathed
Comic/Cartoon: Opus
Viewable Date: 2013-11-11 Pub. Date: 2004-07-18
Image Number: 8962
Caption: Hey! W..Where'z my wheels?! In the duck pond. I've very embarrassed about this, sir… But then you did park in the handicap zone. I have a permit! I wrenched my ankle. Hence, Pickles' surprise to see you sprinting for a mocha! Who's Pickles? Avenging Viking princess. She's annoyed? Yes, but it's the new wave, in-your-face biblical wrath kind of annoyed. How does she explain rolling my wheels to the ducks?!! Proverbs 23:13. Withhold not the rod from the wayward evildoer ...compact. Pbbt pbbt. Trim. Hey!
Cartoonist(s): Steve Kelley
Comic/Cartoon: Steve Kelley's Editorial Cartoons
Viewable Date: 2013-04-16 Pub. Date: 2009-07-24
Image Number: 36634
Caption: Doc, you have no idea the pain I'm in. Health insurance costs. I can imagine. Malpractice insurance costs.
Cartoonist(s): Dan Piraro
Comic/Cartoon: Bizarro
Viewable Date: 2013-03-12 Pub. Date: 2013-03-12
Image Number: 94127
Caption: Remember when you told me to break a leg at the audition? Well, I'm in the cast!
Cartoonist(s): Mike Twohy
Comic/Cartoon: That's Life
Viewable Date: 2013-02-22 Pub. Date: 2007-07-06
Image Number: 15685
Caption: And, to put that old bounce back into your step, we'll probaby go with hydraulics.
Cartoonist(s): Mike Twohy
Comic/Cartoon: That's Life
Viewable Date: 2013-01-09 Pub. Date: 2007-12-07
Image Number: 15384
Caption: Jim Conroy - in for my six thousand mile check-up.
Cartoonist(s): Jay Stephens
Bob Weber, Jr.
Comic/Cartoon: Oh, Brother!
Viewable Date: 2012-11-21 Pub. Date: 2011-07-13
Image Number: 63085
Caption: Bud, why are you wearing a fake cast? If I see Lon the bully, I'm going to tell him he broke my arm last week! Soon ... Did Lon see the cast? Yes. He said he would give me something valuable to make up for it. What did you get? His autograph!
Cartoonist(s): John Hambrock
Comic/Cartoon: The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee
Viewable Date: 2012-09-29 Pub. Date: 2012-09-29
Image Number: 87626
Caption: Be prepared, grandpa. As a Presidential contender, your tax refunds are going to be scrutinized by everyone. Orville Edison 2012. "More of the same rhetoric." Taxes. Tax. But … Last year I listed a pair of orthopedic shoes I bought as a medical deduction. So? Taxes. I LIED! What I really bought was a box of Twinkies! Shoot! Our campaign is doomed, isn't it? Not unless you Tweeted it. Double shoot! Tax.
Cartoonist(s): Bob Thaves
Tom Thaves
Comic/Cartoon: Frank and Ernest
Viewable Date: 2012-08-19 Pub. Date: 2012-08-19
Image Number: 86566
Caption: Frank & Ernest Signs Painted. Ernie, did you make the name plate for that radio station manager? Here it is --- "Ed Wilson, Air Head." And for the banker in charge of personal identification number? Yes --- "Sue Gray, Pin Head." And the World Boxing League President? "Joe Silver, Knuckle Head." These are terrible, Erine! You're a real bonehead! No, No ... that's the Chief of Orthopedics -- "Dr. Milburn, Bone Head."
Cartoonist(s): Mike Twohy
Comic/Cartoon: That's Life
Viewable Date: 2012-07-20 Pub. Date: 2005-10-20
Image Number: 11971
Caption: America's Funniest Arthroscopic Surgeries.
Cartoonist(s): Hilary Price
Comic/Cartoon: Rhymes with Orange
Viewable Date: 2012-06-24 Pub. Date: 2012-06-24
Image Number: 81681
Caption: Il Medico Orthopedico. You've got Venice elbow.
Cartoonist(s): Mike Twohy
Comic/Cartoon: That's Life
Viewable Date: 2012-02-10 Pub. Date: 2005-06-25
Image Number: 10815
Caption: Will I ever be able to laugh derisively at the less fortunate again?
Cartoonist(s): Bob Staake
Comic/Cartoon: Bob Staake's Humorous Illustrations
Viewable Date: 2012-01-24 Pub. Date: 2002-09-10
Image Number: 2063
Caption: (No caption). Nurse applies bandage to child's leg. She holds bandage in place with her large thumb.
Cartoonist(s): Jim Toomey
Comic/Cartoon: Sherman's Lagoon
Viewable Date: 2012-01-14 Pub. Date: 2012-01-14
Image Number: 74864
Caption: I hear that you've had a terrible accident and lost your tail. Yes. Who are you? I'm here to help. I'd like to make you a prosthetic tail. My card. Are you and orthopedic surgeon? No. I'm an entrepreneur, an inventor, a renaissance crab. Aren't you also the guy in that "wanted" poster? I've been acquitted of most of that stuff.
Cartoonist(s): Mike Peters
Comic/Cartoon: Mother Goose and Grimm
Viewable Date: 2012-01-08 Pub. Date: 2012-01-08
Image Number: 75238
Caption: Sumo, now that you're back home, just remember, I run things around here. And don't even think about crossing me, mister. "Cause I know karate. And the bigger they are, the harder they fall. VOMP. Or is it the harder they fall, the more bones I break?
Cartoonist(s): Mike Twohy
Comic/Cartoon: That's Life
Viewable Date: 2011-12-07 Pub. Date: 2005-04-29
Image Number: 10339
Caption: Don't worry, honey. Those are your roommate's legs.
Cartoonist(s): Bob Thaves
Comic/Cartoon: King Baloo
Viewable Date: 2011-11-21 Pub. Date: 1990-01-01
Image Number: 1326
Caption: Say, wasn't that the month you were laid-up with a broken leg? GNP.
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