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The Grooming Comics And Cartoons

collected from fifty of the best cartoonists.

These are available for you to license for books, magazines, newsletters, presentations and websites.
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1. Cartoonist Brian Crane  Pickles 2019-09-02 grooming 
Cartoonist(s): Brian Crane
Comic/Cartoon: Pickles
Viewable Date: 2019-09-02 Pub. Date: 2019-09-02
Image Number: 179219
Caption: I'm taking Roscoe to the dog groomer. Why? That's expensive. We can give him a bath here. They also cleans his anal glands. Give them a really big tip!
2. Cartoonist Darrin Bell  Candorville 2019-08-27 grooming 
Cartoonist(s): Darrin Bell
Comic/Cartoon: Candorville
Viewable Date: 2019-08-27 Pub. Date: 2019-08-27
Image Number: 179192
Caption: When's the last time you shaved, little buddy. Why do you ask? Because not all men can pull off the rugged stubble look. Stubble has to come in evenly, or you look like you've caught mange. I'd hate to be one of those guys. I'm about to hold you down and swipe at you with a straight razor, but it's as a friend.
3. Cartoonist Bob Thaves Tom Thaves  Frank and Ernest 2019-07-17 grooming 
Cartoonist(s): Bob Thaves Tom Thaves
Comic/Cartoon: Frank and Ernest
Viewable Date: 2019-07-17 Pub. Date: 2019-07-17
Image Number: 178527
Caption: Dog Show. He was this close to winning a ribbon until they subtracted points for his breath.
4. Cartoonist Mike Peters  Mike Peters' Editorial Cartoons 2006-04-23 grooming 
Cartoonist(s): Mike Peters
Comic/Cartoon: Mike Peters' Editorial Cartoons
Viewable Date: 2019-06-13 Pub. Date: 2006-04-23
Image Number: 13540
Caption: Steering With Your Knees Driving School. Good, now try parallel parking while sending an e-mail without spilling your latte.
5. Cartoonist Brian Crane  Pickles 2019-03-20 grooming 
Cartoonist(s): Brian Crane
Comic/Cartoon: Pickles
Viewable Date: 2019-03-20 Pub. Date: 2019-03-20
Image Number: 176646
Caption: Where are you going, Earl? To get a haircut. Let me do it. I've got some clippers. It'll save you $15. Okay, great! When did you get the clippers? Actually they're dog clippers, but what's the difference? Bzzzz.
6. Cartoonist Chip Bok  Chip Bok's Editorial Cartoons 2019-01-18 grooming 
Cartoonist(s): Chip Bok
Comic/Cartoon: Chip Bok's Editorial Cartoons
Viewable Date: 2019-01-18 Pub. Date: 2019-01-18
Image Number: 175987
Caption: Don't be a bully. Lose your toxic masculinity. Stop slouching. And eat your veggies. Gillette Foamy.
7. Cartoonist Steve Kelley  Steve Kelley's Editorial Cartoons 2019-01-17 grooming 
Cartoonist(s): Steve Kelley
Comic/Cartoon: Steve Kelley's Editorial Cartoons
Viewable Date: 2019-01-17 Pub. Date: 2019-01-17
Image Number: 175895
Caption: We hope our commercial decrying your inherent toxic masculinity will change your behavior. Absolutely … I've switched to Schick. Sale.
8. Cartoonist Ohio State Cartoon Library & Museum  Ohio State Cartoon Library & Museum 1925-02-05 grooming 
Cartoonist(s): Ohio State Cartoon Library & Museum
Comic/Cartoon: Ohio State Cartoon Library & Museum
Viewable Date: 2018-12-19 Pub. Date: 1925-02-05
Image Number: 5676
Caption: The Girl Who Was Color Blind. (Woman puts on her make-up including blue lipstick.)
9. Cartoonist Matt Wuerker  Matt Wuerker's Editorial Cartoons 2005-09-28 grooming 
Cartoonist(s): Matt Wuerker
Comic/Cartoon: Matt Wuerker's Editorial Cartoons
Viewable Date: 2018-11-28 Pub. Date: 2005-09-28
Image Number: 11787
Caption: And there's the evidence for "Not-So-Intelligent-Design." Hang nails. Ouch. Ear wax. Squeek. Nose hair. Snip snip. Pimples. If there is a God � Why? Why?
10. Cartoonist Jerry Van Amerongen  Ballard Street 2008-01-06 grooming 
Cartoonist(s): Jerry Van Amerongen
Comic/Cartoon: Ballard Street
Viewable Date: 2018-11-22 Pub. Date: 2008-01-06
Image Number: 21088
Caption: No caption. (Man clips his toenails while his dog sits next to him and cleans his paw.)
11. Cartoonist Jerry Van Amerongen  Ballard Street 2007-12-02 grooming 
Cartoonist(s): Jerry Van Amerongen
Comic/Cartoon: Ballard Street
Viewable Date: 2018-10-05 Pub. Date: 2007-12-02
Image Number: 20369
Caption: We sure love our buddy!! Hoping to defuse the effects of such focused attention, Buddy does some energetic grooming.
12. Cartoonist Ann Telnaes  Ann Telnaes' Editorial Cartoons 2000-01-01 grooming 
Cartoonist(s): Ann Telnaes
Comic/Cartoon: Ann Telnaes' Editorial Cartoons
Viewable Date: 2018-09-12 Pub. Date: 2000-01-01
Image Number: 1810
Caption: (No caption). Mo walks past a large man drinking a "Grande" cola and a big woman carrying a shopping bag labeled "Plus Fashions". As she continues, she walks down stairs that parallel an up escalator that carries several large individuals. Signs on the wall include "Lose Weight Quick 1-800-Exerciz", "Eat Your Way to Thinness", "Dr. Atkins Hi-Fat Diet" and "In Case of Emergency Use Stairs". Mo continues past vending machines where a variety of large people are making purchases. She next comes to a fast food restaurants where patrons are indulging on a variety of large portions of diverse foods. Her walk continues past a newsstand that features a newspaper with the headline "US Population to Double in 2100" about which she says "No joke".
13. Cartoonist Mike Peters  Mother Goose and Grimm 2018-09-01 grooming 
Cartoonist(s): Mike Peters
Comic/Cartoon: Mother Goose and Grimm
Viewable Date: 2018-09-01 Pub. Date: 2018-09-01
Image Number: 173835
Caption: Grimm, don't upset Attila. They groomer cut his nails too short. Ahh … rebel without his claws.
14. Cartoonist Rina Piccolo  Rina Piccolo's Panel Cartoons 2011-02-05 grooming 
Cartoonist(s): Rina Piccolo
Comic/Cartoon: Rina Piccolo's Panel Cartoons
Viewable Date: 2018-08-27 Pub. Date: 2011-02-05
Image Number: 54367
Caption: Dog grooming. "Make it look like he doesn't try."
15. Cartoonist Mike Twohy  That's Life 2003-02-13 grooming 
Cartoonist(s): Mike Twohy
Comic/Cartoon: That's Life
Viewable Date: 2018-07-03 Pub. Date: 2003-02-13
Image Number: 3456
Caption: It's the Palm with the most extra features.
16. Cartoonist Dave Coverly  Speed Bump 2018-06-16 grooming 
Cartoonist(s): Dave Coverly
Comic/Cartoon: Speed Bump
Viewable Date: 2018-06-16 Pub. Date: 2018-06-16
Image Number: 172106
Caption: So it's not enough that I pick the fleas off your back? I must also put them on the back of your ex?
17. Cartoonist Brian Crane  Pickles 2018-06-07 grooming 
Cartoonist(s): Brian Crane
Comic/Cartoon: Pickles
Viewable Date: 2018-06-07 Pub. Date: 2018-06-07
Image Number: 171975
Caption: Is there any mail for me? Nope. Oh, wait. I think this one's for you. It is? Oops. No, I was wrong. It's a birthday card for Muffin from her groomer.
18. Cartoonist Mike Twohy  That's Life 2003-04-06 grooming 
Cartoonist(s): Mike Twohy
Comic/Cartoon: That's Life
Viewable Date: 2018-05-23 Pub. Date: 2003-04-06
Image Number: 3325
Caption: Linda's Laundry. Rugs Cleaned. (Man walks out with his cleaned toupee on his head.)
19. Cartoonist Brian Crane  Pickles 2018-05-18 grooming 
Cartoonist(s): Brian Crane
Comic/Cartoon: Pickles
Viewable Date: 2018-05-18 Pub. Date: 2018-05-18
Image Number: 171388
Caption: Poor dad! How did you glue your fingers to your mustache? It wasn't my fault! Whose fault was it? Your mother's! She keeps putting the Superglue in the same drawer as my mustache wax!
20. Cartoonist Brian Crane  Pickles 2018-05-13 grooming 
Cartoonist(s): Brian Crane
Comic/Cartoon: Pickles
Viewable Date: 2018-05-13 Pub. Date: 2018-05-13
Image Number: 170655
Caption: What happened to your ear, Earl? I cut it shaving. Since when have you been shaving your ears? Since they started sprouting hair like crabgrass. You're not supposed to shave your ears, you pluck them with tweezers. I can't see to pluck them. You'll have to do it. Have fun shaving your ears.
Result page:    2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  Next  (336 images)