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The Discovery Comics And Cartoons

collected from fifty of the best cartoonists.

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1. Cartoonist Berkeley Breathed  Opus 2007-08-05 discovery 
Cartoonist(s): Berkeley Breathed
Comic/Cartoon: Opus
Viewable Date: 2015-05-07 Pub. Date: 2007-08-05
Image Number: 18004
Caption: I love these summer evening reality checks from Oliver! Hold out a speck of sand at arm's length… That's the portion of the night sky at which they pointed the Hubble telescope for a week. It was there--deep within that dot of dark nothingness ten billion light years distant--that they found the unexpected: Galaxies! Thousands! THOUSANDS! ...with billions of stars! ...and trillions of new worlds. And beyond those...MORE! All of the space of a single of sand on the vast beach of the cosmos. Which nicely frames the question man has been asking for millennia. What question? What's the center of it all? Me. Me, baby.
2. Cartoonist Rex May  Rex May Gag Cartoons 2007-04-09 discovery 
Cartoonist(s): Rex May
Comic/Cartoon: Rex May Gag Cartoons
Viewable Date: 2015-03-26 Pub. Date: 2007-04-09
Image Number: 16741
Caption: I call it a 'comprehensive energy program.'
3. Cartoonist Rex May  Rex May Gag Cartoons 2007-03-29 discovery 
Cartoonist(s): Rex May
Comic/Cartoon: Rex May Gag Cartoons
Viewable Date: 2015-02-26 Pub. Date: 2007-03-29
Image Number: 16531
Caption: And what else did you bring back from the New World, Columbus?
4. Cartoonist John Hambrock  The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee 2015-01-23 discovery 
Cartoonist(s): John Hambrock
Comic/Cartoon: The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee
Viewable Date: 2015-01-23 Pub. Date: 2015-01-23
Image Number: 121499
Caption: A matter of perspective. Clap clap clap cheer cheer. We just discovered water all over one of Saturn's moons! I just discovered water all over the bathroom floor.
5. Cartoonist Lee Judge  Lee Judge's Editorial Cartoons 2014-12-26 discovery 
Cartoonist(s): Lee Judge
Comic/Cartoon: Lee Judge's Editorial Cartoons
Viewable Date: 2014-12-26 Pub. Date: 2014-12-26
Image Number: 120963
Caption: NASA discovers unlivable planet. "Haven't we already got one?"
6. Cartoonist Hilary Price  Rhymes with Orange 2014-12-18 discovery 
Cartoonist(s): Hilary Price
Comic/Cartoon: Rhymes with Orange
Viewable Date: 2014-12-18 Pub. Date: 2014-12-18
Image Number: 119999
Caption: The Parent Cell. What's this meiosis magazine I found under your bed?!
7. Cartoonist Darrin Bell  Candorville 2014-12-13 discovery 
Cartoonist(s): Darrin Bell
Comic/Cartoon: Candorville
Viewable Date: 2014-12-13 Pub. Date: 2014-12-13
Image Number: 119938
Caption: What's wrong? England found King Richard III's remains under a parking lot. Oh … what's wrong with that? I used to think the world was a lot more exciting, Susan. Whatever happened to sweaty archeologists being chased through catacombs by bad guys, uncovering ancient, booby-trapped tombs ... What happened to the booby traps? Real life's interesting enough, Lemont. A parking lot??
8. Cartoonist Steve Kelley  Steve Kelley's Editorial Cartoons 2014-12-03 discovery 
Cartoonist(s): Steve Kelley
Comic/Cartoon: Steve Kelley's Editorial Cartoons
Viewable Date: 2014-12-03 Pub. Date: 2014-12-03
Image Number: 119820
Caption: Researchers discovered the trigger for stress in the human brain. I found mine in the mailbox. Health insurance premium hike.
9. Cartoonist Nick Anderson  Nick Anderson's Editorial Cartoons 2014-10-22 discovery 
Cartoonist(s): Nick Anderson
Comic/Cartoon: Nick Anderson's Editorial Cartoons
Viewable Date: 2014-10-22 Pub. Date: 2014-10-22
Image Number: 118140
Caption: At last! Justification for the Iraq war! WMDs (made in the U.S. and Europe) ca 1980s. Right Wing.
10. Cartoonist Matt Wuerker  Matt Wuerker's Editorial Cartoons 2014-10-13 discovery 
Cartoonist(s): Matt Wuerker
Comic/Cartoon: Matt Wuerker's Editorial Cartoons
Viewable Date: 2014-10-13 Pub. Date: 2014-10-13
Image Number: 117771
Caption: Science vs. Public Opinion. Exhibit A. Are you crazy? Polls show 79% of people say it's flat! Next he'll be telling us humans affect the climate!
11. Cartoonist Bob Thaves Tom Thaves  Frank and Ernest 2014-10-02 discovery 
Cartoonist(s): Bob Thaves Tom Thaves
Comic/Cartoon: Frank and Ernest
Viewable Date: 2014-10-02 Pub. Date: 2014-10-02
Image Number: 117561
Caption: I invent fire for the good of all mankind and he cleans up selling fire insurance!
12. Cartoonist Joel Pett  Joel Pett's Editorial Cartoons 2014-09-16 discovery 
Cartoonist(s): Joel Pett
Comic/Cartoon: Joel Pett's Editorial Cartoons
Viewable Date: 2014-09-16 Pub. Date: 2014-09-16
Image Number: 116648
Caption: If it's not a stupid game, why has it taken them a century to figure out you can hurt your head? 76.
13. Cartoonist John Hambrock  The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee 2014-09-04 discovery 
Cartoonist(s): John Hambrock
Comic/Cartoon: The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee
Viewable Date: 2014-09-04 Pub. Date: 2014-09-04
Image Number: 115640
Caption: Mmm … A Twinkie! I'm using it for an experiment. I may have made a breakthrough discovery and I want to publish a paper on my findings. What do you think of this for a title? Gulp. "Radioactive Twinkies: Storing Dangerous Isotopes In A Delicate Sponge Cake." Mfff.
14. Cartoonist Alex Hallatt  Arctic Circle 2014-08-14 discovery 
Cartoonist(s): Alex Hallatt
Comic/Cartoon: Arctic Circle
Viewable Date: 2014-08-14 Pub. Date: 2014-08-14
Image Number: 114587
Caption: Wow, look! A giant mosquito trapped in million-year-old ice. It's alive! This is AMAZING - I'll call the natural history museum … Hello? Bzzzzzz … Never mind …
15. Cartoonist John Hambrock  The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee 2014-08-13 discovery 
Cartoonist(s): John Hambrock
Comic/Cartoon: The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee
Viewable Date: 2014-08-13 Pub. Date: 2014-08-13
Image Number: 114735
Caption: Senator, I discovered a new planet yesterday. Siip. Wow. Alert the media. I'm naming it after you. ME?! I'm … I'm honored, really. It's not often one gets immortalized in space. So, what's this planet like? It's a lifeless lump of rock orbiting a big, fat, dying star.
16. Cartoonist Darrin Bell  Rudy Park 2014-08-10 discovery 
Cartoonist(s): Darrin Bell
Comic/Cartoon: Rudy Park
Viewable Date: 2014-08-10 Pub. Date: 2014-08-10
Image Number: 114177
Caption: GREAT NEWS! Scientists have cured many, many diseases! They've used new discoveries and innovative techniques to CURE inherited liver disease … … To cure cardiac disease caused by a formerly fatal genetic disorder … … to cure all forms of cancer with no side effects ... ... and to totally REVERSE THE AGING PROCESS ... ... in mice. OH COME ON!!! When will all this be applicable to humans, Chuck? We asked a scientist, but he just glanced at a tiny hole in the wall and said ... "Shhh ... there are ears everywhere."
17. Cartoonist Jim Toomey  Sherman's Lagoon 2014-08-10 discovery 
Cartoonist(s): Jim Toomey
Comic/Cartoon: Sherman's Lagoon
Viewable Date: 2014-08-10 Pub. Date: 2014-08-10
Image Number: 114184
Caption: Whoa! What's that thing on your head. A shark cam. I've got my own show on "Shark Week" now. No way! Yep. This little camera is broadcasting to millions of viewers as we speak. It's live reality T.V. featuring a real great white shark. What's he going to do next? Stay tuned. Yawn. Good evening, everyone, and welcome to "Crab Week." Oh boy.
18. Cartoonist John Deering  Strange Brew 2014-08-08 discovery 
Cartoonist(s): John Deering
Comic/Cartoon: Strange Brew
Viewable Date: 2014-08-08 Pub. Date: 2014-08-08
Image Number: 114730
Caption: Zogg's Allergy Testing Clinic. World not ready for you yet, Zogg.
19. Cartoonist Kieran Meehan  Pros & Cons 2014-08-02 discovery 
Cartoonist(s): Kieran Meehan
Comic/Cartoon: Pros & Cons
Viewable Date: 2014-08-02 Pub. Date: 2014-08-02
Image Number: 114162
Caption: What if I don’t like where my journey of self-discovery leads? Then you can begin a new journey. Can I get a refund on my old journey? No … you'll have accumulated air miles, though.
20. Cartoonist Darrin Bell  Rudy Park 2014-08-01 discovery 
Cartoonist(s): Darrin Bell
Comic/Cartoon: Rudy Park
Viewable Date: 2014-08-01 Pub. Date: 2014-08-01
Image Number: 114436
Caption: Scientists discovered an immense hole in Siberia. Nobody knows what caused it. Some think global warming melted a huge gas-filled hill made of ice so fast that it exploded. Let's let them go on thinking that, little buddy. House of Java .net Cybercafe. By the way, if you ever go out to the middle of nowhere to brew your own black market cologne, make sure you don't brew it on a hill made of ice. That does not constitute an admission of anything.
Result page:    2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  13  14  Next  (277 images)